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Quotes With Minions“I want to make my name on Facebook “Nobody” so when I see someone post something stupid, I can like it and it will say: “Nobody liked this” 2. com%2fminion-quotes%2f/RK=2/RS=9rqXjPKMNFUgXaLxDnFphNdUuTY-" referrerpolicy="origin" target="_blank">See full list on quoteambition. "I hate it when people are at your house and ask 'Do you have a bathroom?' No, we pee in the yard. I like to call it “selective participation””. " — Herb Overkill, “Minions” "Oh. “Herb, seriously, I want to dig up that. Top Funny Minions Quotes. “Mind the gap! Mind the gap! Mind the gap!” — Minions 2. Here are 45 Very funny Minion Quotes and Funny images! 1. Funny Minions Quotes “1. ” — ‘Minion Mambo’, ‘Despicable Me‘ 3. The founder of the animation studio behind “Super Mario” and the yellow, chattering “minions” cartoon characters says his movies aren’t made specifically for children. #3 “Starting tomorrow whatever life throws at me, I’m ducking so it hits someone else!”. Minion jokes, Minions funny, Funny minion quotes. Check out these cute and funny Minion quotes from minion movies. Funny Minions Quotes #23. Here are the best funny minion quotes ever! For minions lovers, we got some great news. “It sure is strange that after Tuesday the rest of the week spells WTF” 23. The film received mixed reviews from critics and was a financial success at the box office earning $1. See also : Funniest Minion Quotes and Pictures Of The Week Minion Names. “1% battery left and you run like a ninja to get your charger. Minions are a creation that will live in our hearts for many generations because of their unbelievable cuteness. Top 150 Minions Quotes With Pictures "If a woman speaks and no one is listening, her name is probably Mom. Minion jokes, Minions funny, Funny minion quotes. They say that the body is made up of 90% water so. - Minions 36) "Steal me the crown, and all your dreams come true. Minions: [as a primitive is about hit hit a bear with a club] No, no, no! Hey, a pi?ata! [the Minions cheered as the primitive hits the bear with a fly swatter, then the bear eats him alive as the Minions screamed in terror] [from trailer] Herb Overkill: Woah! These guys are pumped! Scarlett Overkill:. One of the minions walks over to Dave while Gru is telling him to stop and punches him in the shoulder for payback. 50 Best Funny Minion Quotes & Funny Quotes Life #1. Besides that, who would steal the moon. Hilarious Minion Quotes 1. So if a redhead goes crazy, is it called ginger snaps”. Minion Quotes “Bello” – Minions “Be Fabor” – Minions “Mini-Boss” – Minions “Mon-Pollio” – Minions “Ah, Fa-Voon” – Minions Si si! Buena! – Minions “Pight En Seek” – Minions “Kiss-A-La-Momma” – Minions “Josh, Pump It Up” – Minions Bigger boom, okay! – Minions “Le Poofe Guacamole” – Minions No, no!. 42 Funny Jokes Minions Quotes With Minions 8 Comments -hacker- Yep do that all the time Z zula hahaha hahaha 😆 misba ! lol H Hannah Yes hahahah More like this Sarcastic Quotes Funny Fun Quotes Funny Funny Texts Funny Sayings Epic Texts Funny Picture Quotes Minion Humour L pj lee Life Quotes Funny English Jokes Funny Quotes For Instagram Do It Right. They are shaped rather like tablets and can have either one or two eyes. Share these minion quotes with your kids, friends, and family to put a smile on their faces. And how’s that working out for you? – The Queen Hello, Fred. Sarcastic Minions Quotes “I sleep less, I’m tired I sleep more, I’m Tired Life is Impossible Guys! “At night I can’t sleep In the morning I can’t wake up? “I don’t think people understand how stressful it is to explain what’s going in your head when you don’t even understand it yourself.